How to play Videoslots

Did you know that the Random Number Generator program works even when the slot machine is idle?

Basic functions of Videoslots

Videoslots are designed by using a computer programming language and graphics. As a result, there are endless possibilities for developers to add extra features. In order to understand how to play videoslots, we will first need to look at how their basic functions work. Then we will discuss what paylines are and where you can find them. Finally, we will talk about the payout rate of videoslots and how the random number generator software plays a role in this.

Below you will find an example of a videoslot in which the basic functions are explained:, How to play Videoslots, Dead or Alive Gameplay Basic functions

1. Payline: the line that goes over the symbols of each reel. This line pays out as soon as there is a winning combination of symbols

2. Paytable: an overview of all the paylines and their winnings.

3. Bet per line: the amount of money you want to wager per line

4. Info/Help: for more information about the video slot or to change settings like sound and graphics 

5. Autoplay: the player can set a number of spins that will be spinning automatically

6. Bet level: the bet level will multiply the coin value

7. Balance: the amount of money in your account

8. Number of pay lines: how many paylines you want to play with (only with multi-line slots)

9. Spin/play button: this button will cause the reels to spin

10. Max bet: the maximum amount you can bet per round. A maximum bet is the maximum number of coins on all the paylines.

11. Coin value: the player can control on how much he wants to spend on each payline in the game

12. Winbox: here you can see when and how much you win

Types of Slot Machines

Classic Slot Machine

A classic slot machine has physical reels with symbols. It consist of three reels and one pay line. The most common symbols are bars, sevens, king and jack. You win when three of the same symbols line up.

Double Diamond Slot, How to play Videoslots, Casino Guides


Videoslots began with 5 paylines but the number of paylines increased over time. Standard payline configurations are 5, 9, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40. The paylines zig-zag across the reels as defined in the paytable of the slot. Videoslots are known because of their music, sound effects, themes, bonus rounds, and free spins features.

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Fruit Machines

Fruit machines have three reels and one payline. Therefore they look a lot like classic slots, but there are some differences. Fruit machines have three special buttons: hold, nudge and a bonus trail. Hold enables you to hold some of the symbols that appear on the reels. Nudge will allow the player to nudge either one or more of the three symbols on their next spin. Finally the bonus trail activates intervals at random during the game.

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Megaways are videoslots that always work with the “win all ways” mechanism and thereby use complex mathematical models. They have multiple reels and a varying number of rows of symbols per spin. That is the reason why there are so many ways to win.

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Progressive / Jackpot Slots

A progressive slot machine offers a jackpot that increases by value. The game takes a percentage of each bet to add to the jackpot. When a player wins the jackpot, the jackpot will automatically drop down to the default amount and starts increasing again.

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The breakthrough of Videoslots

Betting lines, winlines or paylines show the number of ways a player can win. The payline can range from very low 10 to very high 1024. The most common paylines are 20 or 30 lines. Online videoslots will show their paylines on a paytable. Because every videoslot has its own betting lines it is very important to consult the paytable before you start playing. Otherwise, you will not know what to expect.

Bet level and Coin value

Most videoslots offer the possibility to set bet levels and coin values. Therefore it is important to know what coin value and bet level mean and what you can do with it. The coin value is how much you want to wager on each pay line in the game. For example let’s say we play on a 25-payline slot machine. A coin value of $0.02 will give you a total stake of $0.50 on your spin because the coin value sets $0.02 per line.

How to play Videoslots, Slot machines, Videoslots, Casino Guides
How to play Videoslots, Slot machines, Videoslots, Casino Guides

The bet level will multiply the coin value. Therefore if we have a coin value of $0.02 and a Bet level of 2, you will get a coin value of $0.04. So the total stake per line changes into:
• $0.02 Coin Value x Bet Level 2 = $0.04
• $0.04 x 25 Pay Lines = $1.00 Total Stake.

Payout Rates and RNG

Every slot machine has a percentage attached that determines the game’s payout rate. The payout-ratio is the percentage of money that the player will receive after he has made a bet. Nowadays most videoslots have a win ratio of 95% or above. However, this does not mean that you win $95 for every $100 you have spent. Basically it means that the casino will make at least 5$ for every 100$ spent.

Almost all modern-day slot machines make use of random number generators to determine payout percentages and hit frequencies. RNG software ensures that completely random and independent outcomes are chosen from all conceivable outcomes. This is done by randomly selecting one of the million possible options, via numbers. Finally these numbers are translated into a virtual result on your screen.