Videoslot Features

Did you know that a wild symbol has the power to replace any other symbol on the reel to complete a payline in a videoslot?

Videoslot Features

Unlike older slot machines, videoslots have been developed through the use of a programming language. Because of this, many game developers have endless possibilities to add extra features. That is the reason why today’s videoslots have special features such as bonus rounds, free spins and a progressive jackpot. In addition to new game features, new symbols have also been added to the reels such as: scatters, wilds, multipliers, etc.

First we will discuss the most popular game features that you will encounter while playing videoslots. It differs per videoslot which game facilities are present. Therefore it is important to consult the paytable before you start playing.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds can consist of different mini-games. For example, you have skill games, wheel spinning variants, or pick me boxes. Triggering a bonus game usually means linking up special bonus symbols or a bonus symbol on the reels.

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Scatter / Free Spins

Videoslot Features, Slot machines, Casino Guides

Scatter symbols will unlock exciting bonus games and features. That is the reason why the free spins round is the most popular feature of videoslots. Who doesn’t want to spin the reels for free? These days you trigger free spins by combining scatter symbols. For that you usually have to trigger at least 3 scatter symbols. During the free spins round, it is possible to retrigger 3 or more scatter symbols. As a result, more free spins are being awarded.


The multiplier symbol will boost your winnings with a certain factor. Multipliers are not common in the basic game but they mainly occur in combination with free spins or bonus rounds. The main goal of multipliers is to double, triple or increase your wins.

Videoslot Features, Slot machines, Casino Guides

Wild Symbols

Finally, we have the wild symbols. These symbols have the power to change into any symbol on the reel and it will instantly create a pay line. For example: if you have two of the same symbols on the first and second line, a wild symbol on the third line will ensure that you have a winning combination. 

There are different types of wilds:

  • Stacked wilds
    A stacked wild will appear in stacks of two, three or more wild symbols stacked on top of each other. Depending on where the reel stops, it may happen that the reel is completely filled with wild symbols.
  • Trailing wild
    A trailing wild leaves a clone on the reel. In the following spins, the trailing wild will move up a spot until it is no longer visible on the reels.
Videoslot Features, Slot machines, Casino Guides
Videoslot Features, Slot machines, Casino Guides
  • Expanding wild symbols
    An expanding wild is very similar to the stacked wild symbol. An expanding wild ensures that the entire reel is filled with wild symbols. The difference with a stacked wild is that the expanding wild fills the entire reel, regardless of where the expanding wild is located on the reel.
  • Sticky wild
    A sticky wild is a symbol that sticks to the reel. As a result, the sticky wild will be present until the number of free spins or bonus rounds has ended. The sticky wild stays in the same place, increasing your chances of winning per remaining turn.